Sunday, April 29, 2007

Flash Fiction Story 2

"No Moon" by Phil Gardner

Analysis: This flash story had a wanna be mugger or stalker and a woman as the characters.This story is one of my favorites because of the irony. Right from the beginning the author tries to establish how dark it was. The title even read "no moon" which would lead to a very dark night. With this information the reader would believe that they had the setting figured out. But like me they would be dead wrong. As the story and the conflict between the two characters came to a close I learned that the twist was that it was plain daytime. This was hilarious because the mugger took his time to be dressed totally black and be stealthy. Just to be stupid enough to pull it off in the daytime and fail. It was a good story, especially the closing line "Damn. This would've worked better at night."


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